Kempton & Co Wiltshire Carryall Bag


Have Bag, Will Travel

No Comments 31 December 2012

It may cost a pretty penny, but the Wiltshire Carryall bag by Kempton & Co. was named the “Greenest Handbag of 2012” at the 6th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards. Although the award program itself may sound a bit limited, the competition therein was actually rather fierce, with major players like InStyle┬ámagazine and Timberland involved […]

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Anastasis Apartments


White Meets Blue: 5 Pristine Pools of Santorini

1 Comment 26 December 2012

One of the most idyllic notions we can think of when it comes to the perfect vacation spot is the stunning Greek island of Santorini. The staggering seaside community is rife with tiny, intimate hotels dotting the hilly shore with simple but luxurious accommodations, providing dreamy views of the white rocks, sand and manmade structures […]

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Golden Gate Bridge furniture

Accessories, Destinations

How to Take the Golden Gate Bridge Home with You

No Comments 25 December 2012

It’s one of the top ten — maybe even top five — iconic images that spring to mind when the topic of American landmarks comes up. Its span from end to end runs nearly 9,000 feet, and it reaches more than 700 feet skyward. The bright orange structure known as the Golden Gate Bridge was […]

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McMenamins Property Photo

Budget, Hotels, Restaurants

Roadside Charm in the Pacific Northwest: McMenamins

No Comments 11 December 2012

It’s difficult to navigate one’s way through the Pacific Northwest without stumbling (perhaps literally) across a McMenamins property. The purveyors of no fewer than 65 hotels, brewpubs, and local entertainment venues have peppered the region with their quirky, hometown charm, lightly renovating historic properties into low-key tourist attractions throughout the country’s northwest corner. Known to […]

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Prada Pergamena Luggage


Ultimate Luxury: The Prada Pergamena Collection

No Comments 09 December 2012

For most of us suffering from a serious case of wanderlust, we’re a-okay traveling with little more than a rucksack and a stack of postcards. For those on the other end of the spectrum, only the finest will do when it comes to airlines, accommodations, dining, apparel and accessories on the go. Today, we’re taking […]

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Belkin Rock Star Headphone Splitter


The Belkin Rock Star Lives Up to Its Name

No Comments 19 October 2012

Picture it: you and a car full of others are quietly zooming up the interstate on a roadtrip that’s set to last several hours. One rider cranks up an MP3 and several folks start rocking out to the music or getting fully invested in the words of the audiobook, while it takes a superhuman amount […]

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Grand Staircase at Sydney's Queen Victoria Building (Photograph by Philip Johnson)


World Tour: Stairways to Heaven

No Comments 18 October 2012

There’s just something arresting about a great set of stairs. More than a means to get us where we’re going with a bit of extra effort, when built with a bit of character, they can take on the form of true art, with curves, lines and execution worthy of more than a lingering stare. Admitted […]

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Seattle Great Wheel - Image by Amy Lynch

Budget, Destinations, Kids

Such Great Heights: The Seattle Great Wheel

No Comments 17 October 2012

It doesn’t matter if you can’t gain access to any of Seattle’s finest penthouses; these days, anyone with $13 and 20 minutes to spare can get a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the Emerald City’s crisp, verdant skyline. In summer 2012, the Seattle Great Wheel completed its construction and opened its 42 gondolas to the public. […]

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Coffee Cup Power Inverter


Cup of Joe, Superleaded: The Belkin Power Inverter

1 Comment 16 October 2012

Warning: before you reach for that cup of takeout coffee on your next road trip, make sure it’s actually a cup of takeout coffee. The self-proclaimed overlords at Think Geek have a solution to keep every electronic gadget imaginable fully charged on the road to wherever you’re going, and they do so through a cup-shaped […]

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Lobby Sign of The Ace Hotel, Portland


Hipster Heaven: The Ace Hotel, Portland

2 Comments 15 October 2012

Anyone who’s seen Portlandia but never visited Portland in real life might wonder how much of an exaggeration the show really is. Anyone who’s actually spent time in the hyper-local gem of the Pacific Northwest, though, knows there’s a grain of truth in the ardently hip characters and their obsessive nature over green living, handmade […]

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