Hiking on the Krippenstein

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Winter Hiking on Krippenstein

No Comments 29 December 2015

Krippenstein, Austria, is known for skiing, but it’s a beautiful destination for other winter activities as well. One favorite is winter hiking which can manifest as a romantic relaxed hike, a photographer’s dream, or a more aerobic endeavor that has hikers tramping through the deeper snow with snow shoes. Hiking Options Krippenstein offers a variety […]

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Park Hyatt Skiing

Destinations, Kids, Ski & Spa

Ski, Snowboard, Dogsled and More at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

No Comments 17 December 2015

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek offers an amazing Rocky Mountain winter experience for all ages. From beginner skiers to the most advanced, it makes an ideal location to enjoy the snow. In fact, the Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School offers programs for kids and adults. For the adventurous who want to do more than ski, […]

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SHA Wellness Clinic

Destinations, Ski & Spa

Rejuvenate at Spain’s SHA Wellness Clinic

No Comments 09 December 2015

The SHA Wellness Clinic is a world-class wellness clinic dedicated to its guests’ health and well being. Nestled in a unique environment within the Sierra Helada Natural Park, it is situated on a beautiful mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Albir Beach and just a 15 minute walk from the nearby picturesque town of Villa de […]

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Keystone Resort Offers Family-friendly Rocky Mountain Experience

No Comments 13 November 2015

Keystone Resort in Colorado features plenty of outdoor winter adventure. It offers three incredible mountains offering more than 3,000 skiable acres, 20 lifts, two gondolas all situated at the foot of a couple of unique villages where visitors will find good food and a selection of lodging options of various sizes. Skiing and Other Winter Activities […]

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Yosemite Winter

Destinations, Ski & Spa

Winter Yosemite a Whole New Experience

No Comments 12 November 2015

Yosemite National Park is a popular summer destination, but what many people don’t realize is that winter paints a whole new experience when visiting the park. Iconic cliffs frosted with ice stand like sentinels over the quiet winter wonderland where visitors enjoy little traffic and a slackened tourist pace. Badger Pass Ski Area A favorite […]

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Ruby Mountains Heli Ski

Destinations, Ski & Spa

Heli Skiing Nevada’s Ruby Mountains

No Comments 16 October 2015

The Ruby Mountain Range in Nevada is a narrow range that runs for about 60 miles east of Elko. It got its name back in the days of the gold rush when soldiers panning for gold found garnets, which they mistook for rubies. This mountain range features 10 peaks above 11,000 feet including the 11,387-foot […]

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Convergent Shell

Accessories, Ski & Spa

Black Diamond’s New Convergent Shell Keeps You Warm and Dry

No Comments 09 October 2015

Often when skiing or snowboarding, how much fun you have is directly related to how comfortable you are. If you’re too warm or not warm enough, it can make for a miserable outing, so when it comes to ski gear, one of the biggest challenges is finding clothing that’s breathable and water resistant. The Black […]

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Alta Utah a Unique Skiing Paradise

No Comments 24 September 2015

Alta, Utah, is considered a skiing paradise by many skiers and is found among the top 5 unique places in skiing. It’s located just east of Snowbird inside of Little Cottonwood Canyon where it benefits from the canyon’s microclimate with record snowfalls and an annual average of 540 inches. That’s 17 percent more than Snowbird […]

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ski boot

Accessories, Ski & Spa

Ski Boots Support and Fit Can Improve Control

No Comments 23 September 2015

Finding a comfortable fitting ski boot that also performs well can be a challenge. With a properly fitted boot, your toe should come away from the front of the boot when flexing, but when standing it should just touch the front of the boot. When it comes to comfort and fit, it is a good […]

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Galley Bay Resort Antigua

Destinations, Hotels, Ski & Spa

Galley Bay Resort andSpa Conveniently Secluded

No Comments 17 September 2015

Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or an all-inclusive vacation destination where you can indulge yourself, the Galley Bay Resort & Spa in Antigua is one place that can make your dreams come true. This resort is tucked away in the secluded Galley Bay miles from the crowded “big name” resorts. Conveniently Located While […]

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