Take Stress Out of Packing with PackPoint App

1 Comment 31 October 2014

When it comes to packing, do you question how many pairs of socks to pack or how many pairs of jeans to bring, and whether you should pack long and short sleeve shirts just in case the weather changes? You work through all the decisions and finally sit on your suitcase so it can zip […]

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Carry On Must Fit


Is There a Way Around Carry-on Size Restrictions?

1 Comment 16 October 2014

In this day of global travel, baggage fees have led to passengers packing more into their carry-ons and their one “personal item” which includes a purse, briefcase, laptop or other such item. Now airlines have started clamping down on the size of those bags, too. The problem is that each airline has their own set […]

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Accessories, Kids

Relax, Include a Nanny in Vacation Plans

No Comments 10 October 2014

Parents and kids all look forward to family vacation time, but while the time away is fun for everyone, parents often come home feeling like they need a vacation to recoup from their vacation. This is nothing new, and today more and more vacation properties have added kid-friendly services such as kid clubs. Some luxury […]

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AARP Travel

Accessories, Budget, Destinations

AARP Travel Offers New Travel Resource for Boomers

1 Comment 30 September 2014

Baby Boomers and older travelers have a new resource to help them make travel plans. AARP Travel is a comprehensive travel site designed specifically with boomers in mind. It’s free and works well for those who like the idea of one stop shopping. Users can use the site for destination ideas or to plan and […]

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Baby Travel

Accessories, Hotels, Kids

Hyatt Makes Travel with Babies Easier

1 Comment 24 September 2014

Family vacations should be fun and laid-back, but when you have a baby, packing and lugging all the gear you need for travel can put a damper the fun. Now a company called Babies Travel Lite lets you travel free from all the extra baby-related baggage. They take care of all the supplies you need […]

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Griffin USB Mini Cable Kit


USB Mini Cable Kit Perfect for Travel

1 Comment 22 September 2014

With technology integrated into every aspect of life these days, when we travel it’s not uncommon to bring along a notebook, phone, tablet, and for some of us even a travel router. These devices keep us connected with loved ones and business colleagues by keeping our devices charged. They take our photos, deliver our news, […]

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Asus T100


Asus T100 Laptop Ideal for Travel

No Comments 16 September 2014

A laptop has become a necessary accessory for most of us when we travel, and while they are portable, a regular size laptop can still quite cumbersome to tote through the airport while trying to navigate our carry-on through the pedestrian traffic. Even if you carry your regular size laptop in a backpack, the extra […]

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Accessories, Budget

Book Now Pay Later: Layaway Travel

1 Comment 19 August 2014

Think you can’t afford to book a vacation? Think again. Layaway travel allows customers to plan and pay ahead for that much needed getaway and it’s becoming a more frequent option with travel sites. How Layaway Travel Works While each travel site will have their own terms and conditions, booking a trip will require a […]

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Virgin America


Which Airlines Serve the Best Food?

1 Comment 11 August 2014

For airline travelers looking for something a little more substantial that a tiny package of pretzels that fit in the palm of your hand, some airlines do serve meals. The Diet Detective’s Airline Snacking and Onboard Food Service Survey with Health Ratings for 2013 reveals Virgin Airlines and Air Canada are at the top of […]

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Cross Country Skis for the Water

1 Comment 29 July 2014

Cross country skiers look forward to winter and snow but with the development of the new ABH20 cross water skis they’ll be able to enjoy skiing during the warm weather months, too. Until now elliptical trainers have helped skiers train year round, but now cross country skiers can train outdoors with the Slovenian designed ABH20 […]

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