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Enjoy the Celtic Beauty of the Gower Peninsula

January 28, 2013 by

Gower Peninsula Rhossili Beach

Gower Peninsula Rhossili Beach

Whether you plan to visit Gower Peninsula by bus, motor bike, or walk the coastal path from Swansea Bay, you’ll never lose sight of the sea crashing against the rocks below.

Once you reach Gower Peninsula, the captivating Celtic beauty is reminiscent of an enchanted land of legends with quaint thatched cottages, woodlands, wild ponies and mysterious castles against a seascape backdrop.

Family fun at Llangennith

Family fun at Llangennith


While on the Gower Peninsula, the village of Llangennith is a popular destination for families. This village has ancient roots and is situated between the slopes of three hills with the sea its focal point.

The village boasts its own surf shop these days but be warned; it is a very steep walk to reach the beach.

Rhossili Bay

While there is always a stretch of sand for beachgoers to enjoy, at low tide, a huge expanse of beach becomes available. At low tide, it’s even possible to walk across Rhossili Bay onto Worms Head. 

Male Kestrel spotted on Gower Peninsula

Male Kestrel spotted on Gower Peninsula

Birds Watchers Bring Your Binoculars

Gower Peninsula is generally considered a wildlife sanctuary and is a popular destination for birdwatchers due to the many different species that nest on the cliffs, marshes, and woodlands of Gower.

What birds will be spotted depends on the season, and for expert help, Celtic Bird Tours offers a hide with a panoramic view that overlooks the immense salt marsh of Burry Inlet which features a large numbers of birds. 


For golf fanatics, golf courses on Gower Peninsula make it easy to enjoy a relaxing round with five different clubs to choose from. All feature stunning views overlooking the coast or Celtic countryside.

The five clubs in Gower include: Gower Golf Club, Clyne Golf Club, Fairwood Park Golf Club, Langland Bay Golf Club, and Pennard Golf Club. 

Gower Peninsula is said to be a walker’s paradise and offers much to see and do, but due to the rugged landscape it may not be the best choice for those who have trouble walking around. 

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