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Tour Academy Golf

Tour Academy Golf School Vacation

If you love the game of golf but never have time to devote to improving your skills, a golf school vacation may be the answer. It combines a resort-type atmosphere with a chance to hone your golfing skills and of course play the game. The length of these vacations varies depending on exactly what type of package you sign up for.

Advantage Golf School

Advantage Golf School

Advantage Golf Schools

Advantage Golf Schools promote themselves as “America’s Luxury Golf School” with locations in Florida, Arizona, California, and Las Vegas. Their ultimate program is available for 2 – 5 days and provides you with your own personal instructor for the entire time.

This is a favorite, because it allows you to work at your own pace no matter your skill level. The different destinations offer unique experiences. You’ll be able choose everything from beachfront options to accommodations surrounded by manicured golf course greens.

Tour Academy Golf Schools

Tour Academy Golf Schools offer programs for golfers at every level. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced golfer looking to improve their skills, the Tour Academy Golf Schools features a combination of technologies to help refine your golf swing and fit you for clubs.

This school stands out in that it also includes a lifestyle program called “Golf for Life.” It incorporates fitness, nutrition, and even spa treatments as part of your curriculum.

Marriott Golf

Faldo Golf Institute partners with Marriott.

Faldo Golf Institute

Faldo Golf Institute partners with Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort in Orlando, Florida, or Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Resort, in Palm Desert, California to offer golf lessons segmented to every player’s skill level.

It’s a challenging choice for beginners as well as elite players. The curriculum is flexible and your Faldo-certified instructor will work with you to establish clear-cut attainable goals designed to improve your game. Even professionals can take advantage of the coaching available as they prepare to compete or perform at a higher level.

While most of us don’t have the time or money to go away to golf school for any length of time, turning your time off into a golf vacation is an ideal way to improve your skills, have time to enjoy the game, and still pamper yourself with a little extra R & R.

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