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Renew Your Body, Mind, and Soul at the Pinehurst Resort

January 14, 2013 by

Pinehurst Resort

Pinehurst Resort, North Carolina

Pinehurst boasts one of the finest golf experiences in the country. The Pinehurst Resort offers a genteel setting where guests experience southern hospitality at its finest.

This famous golf resort nestled among the Sandhills of North Carolina, offers world-class golf, luxury accommodations, and recreational facilities the whole family can enjoy.

Pinehurst Golf Resort

The Rich History of Pinehurst Resort

When Boston Philanthropist James Walker Tufts bought the 5,800 acres in the Sandhills of central North Carolina, the locals thought he was crazy. The property had been stripped of timber and left as a barren wasteland.

Tufts had over 220,000 tree seedlings and other plants brought in, and by 1895 the development had transformed from just an idea to the beginning of Pinehurst. It included a general store, boarding house, a dairy, over 20 cottages and the Holly Inn.

In 1901 the Carolina hotel opened, and by 1916 Pinehurst was drawing guests including sharp-shooter, Annie Oakley and her husband Frank Butler. She stayed on and gave exhibitions and taught men and women the art of marksmanship until 1920.

Pinehurst Golf

Pinehurst Resort features eight championship golf courses.

Pinehurst Golf Resort Today

Today Pinehurst Resort encompasses three historic hotels which offer guests the unique opportunity to enjoy wide verandas, afternoon tea and other southern pleasures.

The resort also features a plethora of recreational activities including eight championship golf courses. A variety of golf packages are regularly offered, so if you’re planning to visit Pinehurst to golf, it is worth checking current packages and specials available.

Kids Golf Too

While the U.S. Open and Women’s U.S. Open are scheduled to be played at Pinehurst in 2014, the Pinehurst Resort continues to cater to the whole family. This means kids get to golf, too.

In fact, children under the age of 12 get to say, eat, and play golf free of charge. The only restriction is that they have to play with an adult. For kids between the ages of 13-17, reduced rates apply on meals and golf.

Pinehurst Spa

Tufts originally envisioned Pinhurst Resort as a place for middle-class Americans to enjoy a time of rejuvenation. The Pinehurst Spa still offers that rejuvenation, but treatments available today include much more than breathing the pine ozone.

Guests enjoy a wide range of more 50 treatments including botanical remedies, European-style body wraps, skin treatments, and more.

Between the setting, the activities, and the accommodations, Pinehurst Resort offers up the perfect mix for relaxing your mind, nourishing your spirit, and renewing your body.

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