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Visit: Grenada

August 4, 2013 by


Photo Source: Flickr/leeco
Get off the beaten path on this Caribbean island for an unforgettable vacation.

Grenada is rich with activities for the whole family. Known as the “Land of Spice,” it’s landscape is dotted with cocoa, nutmeg, and mace plantations. Visit The Belmont Estate for an in depth description of the cocoa bean.

Feeling more daring? Check out the Westerhall Rum distillery for a taste of their island treat.


Photo Source: Flickr/8604504
Plan a trip high in the mountainous interior to Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve for beautiful hikes and waterfalls.

Take a dip in one of the hidden pools, or take a leap off Seven Sisters waterfall. Keep your eyes in the sky for the Mona monkeys or a lucky glance at the broad winged hawk.


Photo Source: Flickr/mark smith
For sun and sand, visit Grand Anse Beach.  Here there is 2 miles of soft sand and lively beaches with shops, sport charters, and many good restaurants.

For a more secluded, quiet beach, Mourne Rogue Beach is the place for you. You may be the only person here.

And of course, no island trip is complete without a taste of the authentic food. Viti Coconut Beach Restaurant, Patrick’s Local Homestyle Cooking Restaurant, or the Cave House for a sample of the unique flavors of Grenada.

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