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Windy Knoll Golf Club Offers Hovercart for Golfers

July 30, 2013 by

Hovercraft Golf Cart

Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, is taking a step into the future. Starting in August, the golf course will add a futuristic addition to their fleet of golf carts with 2 hovercraft golf carts. The club held a Hover Bash to introduce the carts along with the help of Hall of Fame golfer, Nancy Lopez, who was there to help kick off the event.


Trained Personnel will Pilot the Hovercrart

While you might like the idea of shuttling around the golf course via a hovercraft golf cart, golfers themselves won’t be piloting these specialized carts. Instead, Windy Knoll Golf Club will provide trained pilots to operate the hovercraft to take golfers along as they play.

Windy Knoll will be the first golf club to introduce hovercrafts, which will be used for special occasions. For golfers who want to reserve one of the 2 hovercarts available for their game, the cost will be $175 for a round starting in August.

While the price may seem a little steep, when the $58,000 cost per vehicle is taken into consideration, the rental rate is reasonable enough for such a unique experience.

Hover Golf Cart


The traditional markets for these hovercrafts are police, fire, the U.S. Air Force, and Disney, but use on a golf course is a natural transition. The carts can reach speeds up to 50 m.p.h. and provide side-by-side seating for up to 4 passengers and 2 golf bags.

Windy Knoll Golf Club

Windy Knoll is a public-access, links-style track located about 30 minutes from Dayton, Ohio. It is situated on what was once a horse farm and the course has been masterfully designed to preserve and integrate many of the original characteristics of the farm. The course was established in 2001 and is one of the newest in the Springfield area.

Photo credits: Bubba Watsons Hovercraft

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  1. Julie C. says:

    That’s cool! I don’t even play golf but I’d offer to caddy if I could drive the hover cart!

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