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May 2, 2012 by

The perfect spot to chillax: the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Super hip but not in an I’m too sexy for my shirt kinda way, just cool and hip and chill and welcoming and beautiful and spiritual. All at once.

The Ace Hotel is a remodeled mid-century modern road motel turned cool. The furnishings are a mix of modern, bohemian and vintage rock and roll. As for the grounds, there are nooks with outdoor fire places and cozy seating areas.

Also, the hotel has two large pools – one with a DJ party happening every Sunday – and lovely contemporary rooms complete with a mini bar stocked with the most addictive cheese popcorn.

Some rooms even have a vinyl (yes, vinyl!) record player and records. Remember those?!?

But seriously, here’s a room view that shows a bit more of the actual room.

As for the spa, appropriately named the Feel Good Spa…think calming. Think natural. Think aaahhhhhhh. Massage, check. Facials, check. Mani + pedi, check. Wellness classes, hmmm, check! There are even treatment yurts. Yes. Yurts.

The restaurant, King’s Highway, is a study in road food transformed. It’s comfort food with an elegant, surprising organic, local twist. Only one word of advice: come hungry. I think the owners are Italian or Texan or from some culture who seriously like to feed people.

photo credits: Ace Hotel at top by arlo j; lobby by SanFranAnnie; room with record by cuttlefish; room by SanFranAnnie; restaurant by Joe Bielawa

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  1. Jenna says:

    Looks like it would be fun just to hang out in their lobby.

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