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Amazon Jungle Lodge for the Adventurer

November 22, 2012 by

Amazon Wildlife

Have you ever imagined a rustic getaway where you stay in the Amazon Jungle? Believe it or not, there are a number of Amazon jungle lodges to choose from. Each offers something a little bit different, but the one thing they all have in common is a remote jungle location.

Here is a brief introduction to three of them:

Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge

Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge is built to never flood.

Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge

The Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge is found nestled along a tributary of the Amazon River–Sinchicuy Creek. The closest town of Santa Maria de Ojeal is about 45 minutes away, so if you’re looking for a remote jungle getaway, the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge is exactly that. This lush tropical setting offers a diverse array of flowers, butterflies and birds.

The Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge is composed of a spacious main house which includes the lobby, front desk, and dining and bar facilities. Along with 32 rooms (each with their own private bathroom), the lodge features an observation deck, hammock room, kitchen, laundry, and public restrooms.

It’s a unique eco-friendly place to stay. There’s no electricity, but most evenings people gather together by lamplight and enjoy singing, or just visiting with one another.

Tambo Yanayacu Lodge

Tambo Yanayacu Lodge has running water, but no hot water.

Tambo Yanayacu Lodge

The Tambo Yanayacu Lodge is a perfect destination for those looking for an up-close rainforest experience that still affords a measure of comfort, in a rustic sense. In all, the lodge offers 10 rooms for guests, each with a private bath, each attached to the dining room.

It’s a perfect destination for those who want to connect with nature with small terraces that look out to the forest. The lodge is surrounded by several oxbow lakes, which invite wildlife to their shores.

Aerial view of Amazon Rainforest

Aerial view of Amazon Rainforest

Tambo Amazonico Lodge

Seventy-five miles SW of Iquitos, you’ll find the Tambo Amazonico Lodge. This Amazon jungle lodge is not designed to accommodate large groups. Instead, it is positioned in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and only features two shared rooms that can sleep up to 10 people.

The Tambo Amazonico Lodge does not provide private bathrooms, but is equipped with bathrooms and showers outside the rooms.

Relax in a hammock

Tours Available

Staying at one of these or other Amazon jungle lodges is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. To enhance your Rainforest experience, take advantage of tours offered through the lodges. They include everything from bird watching programs to exploring the tropical forest with a guide.

Photo credits: wallygrom,  mar is sea Y,  CIFOR alobos Life

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  1. Julie C. says:

    These certainly sound like very remote locations! You’d have to be an adventurous soul to get out there, but I bet you’d never forget it!

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