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Brücke 49 Luxury B&B In Vals, Switzerland

March 9, 2012 by

Guests are welcome to an innovative way of enjoying an effortless, yet private and deluxe stay in the mountains.

Brücke 49 is the conventional Bed & Breakfast with a fresh, new look. It’s a big historic villa where coziness and luxury meets design, art, and contemporary living.

Brücke 49 is a delightful villa located by the river on the “sunny side” of Vals. The villa was built in 1902 by Franz Schmid, a local Valser, according to plans made in Paris by another Valser whose name has vanished. In addition to its Parisian flash, the house differs from other Valser houses in an additional way: the rooms are bigger than most, and the ceilings are higher.

The house took its address and name from its location; “the house on the left side of the Valser Rhein Bridge.” Every room offers views of the village and the neighboring mountains.

This hotel has 4 Double Rooms, each with it’s own character. Each of their four double rooms has it’s own unique ambiance, but they all communicate a devotion to luxury and superior design. This is apparent all through: from the excellence of each and every item, to the selection of the bed linens, the drinks in the fridge, the art on the walls and the organic breakfasts.

At Brücke 49, guests can choose between two large bathrooms, each with two showers and washbasins. There are also three restrooms with large washbasins. As a guest, you might share a bathroom but will probably never have to wait to use one.

The large bathrooms are stylishly equipped with showers from Vola, washbasins from Duravit and the Spanish designer Jaime Hayón. Ceramic tiles from Bisazza in Vicenza.

They have redecorated the house with an assorted blend of old and new. Guests will find some of the same items that served in the house for generations as well as modern handicrafts, treasures picked up at markets in Denmark and of some of
the classic design icons we love.

They have also made part of the living room a small reading room that is full of reading material that they hope guests will find appealing, stimulating, and amusing.

This is a villa that you will be happy to use as your home away from home.

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