Ca Maria Adele Hotel in Venice, Italy

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Venice is a city quite unlike any other in the world. If you’re planning on taking a vacation to this romantic destination, Ca Maria Adele could be the perfect match.

Found inside the walls of a 15th century palazzo, Ca Maria Adele is located in a peaceful corner of Venice’s prosperous and inventive Dorsoduro district.

This petite and friendly hotel overlooks the Canale della Salute and the magnificent church of the same name and offers an enthralling mix of east and west, extravagance and simplicity.

The hotel has 12 rooms, all of which have been planned to a soaring level of luxury and detail. The communal spaces, (the Moroccan-style terrace, the diverse lounge filled with antiques and modern pieces from around the world, the 1950s-influenced breakfast room on the piano nobile, and the reception area with its sofas that seem hovering in water), all offer consideration to detail and a stylish and complex environment that will inescapably seduce you.

The rooms offered are Deluxe, Concept, and Suite. The Concept rooms are: Sala del Doge, Sala dei Mori, Sala Noire, Sala Orientale, and Sala del Camino. The Suites are: Suite336 and Suite339.

The Deluxe room is decorated with golden powders and African wood. The soft elegance of the room is sure to make you feel right at home.

Each Concept room offers a different feel, depending on your personal request. Sala dei Mori, for example, is decorated in a striking sapphire blue, with absolute silence surrounding you.

Sala Orientale, another Concept room, is decorated in antique fold, with a spirit of distant destination and sophisticated enjoyment. Suite336 is full of colors, one for each emotion, with a passionate spirit.

Sala Giugi, the hotel’s breakfast spot, offers a relaxed feast, deep in golden purple welcomes guest to enjoy gastronomic needs.

Dorsoduro, the district in which Ca Maria Adele resides, originates from the Italian for “hard ridge”, due to its moderately more steady and less clayey land in contrast with the other areas of the town. It includes the Zattere and Chiesa della Salute area, which has always been regarded as one of the most elite districts of Venice, full of major contemporary housing architectural buildings.

Today, Dorsoduro is known as the modern art neighborhood, due to the company of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, the Francois Pinault Collection located in Punta della Dogana and the lively museum dedicated to Emilio Vedova, hosted in the Magazzini del Sale.

Ca Maria Adele Venice is a refined, exclusive getaway in a most beautiful area of Venice, one that any traveler should experience.

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