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A new travel app is hoping to streamline the hotel check-in process. CheckMate is a free app that launched in mid-November. Here’s how it works.

After downloading the app to your phone, you can set up a CheckMate profile with your name, email and (if you are so inclined) a photo. Hotel reservations can then be synced from Gmail or by forwarding the information to [email protected] (an option for users who don’t own an Apple device).

When it gets close to check-in time, the app will check with the hotel to see if your room is ready and will even allow you to specify room preferences, get last-minute upgrade offers and enter in loyalty program numbers. Once you receive confirmation that your room is ready, the app allows you to breeze past long lines at the front desk, grab your room key and head up to your hotel room.

Behind the scenes, the app uses a platform that is compatible with all existing hotel property management systems, meaning a systems overhaul isn’t in order for hotels to participate in the program (although hotel partners do have to pay a monthly fee to use the service).

Already, the technology is being used by Commune Hotels + Resorts, MetWest Terra Hospitality, and Pacific Hospitality Group, and the company plans to expand to other major hoteliers in the coming months.

For more information, check out CheckMate’s website.

photo credit: CheckMate/iTunes

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  1. Penny W. says:

    Interesting idea. Would be nice if it catches on. A long line after a long flight just makes travellers grumpy.

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