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Chic&Basic Hotels,Hostels and Apartments in Europe

April 13, 2011 by

Chic&Basic is a master of hotels, hostels and apartments throughout Europe.
The hotels are located in: Barecelona, Amsterdam and Madrid. The hostels are located in Madrid and Barcelona. The apartments are located in Barcelona.

The Hotel Born Barcelona is a century-old building with a 22 feet-high ceiling. In each room, color curtains and lights, a crystal shower at the center, a light system to transform the room according to your mood and a common zone with music to sink in the couches. The rooms are characterized as XL, L and M, and in all of them the guest will find a LED light system, a TFT screen, internet access, or a common zone with a computer wired to the net where you can enjoy a free coffee and water service. The restaurant La Burguesa surprises the guest with a new concept and a new menu based on sandwiches, salads, burgers and a great variety of cocktails.

A new concept of hotel located in one of Amsterdam’s most attractive districts, Jordaan, at one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals, Herengracht, lies the Hotel Amsterdam. Chic&Basic Amsterdam combines its modern design with the distinctive architecture of the city in a building with a 300 years old facade. This combination promises a unique experience. The modern and comfortable rooms are distributed on 3 floors and 3 buildings. Their room categories are M, L and XL. The difference between the room categories is not its size, as it seems to be, but its location in the building and the view (canal view). The guest rooms are brand new, modern and at the same time relaxed. With our light system (LEDS) you can change the illumination according your mood. Due to the architecture of the building, every room has its own shape and character. The rooms are prepared with a TFT screen, internet high speed connection and bathroom.

In the heart of Madrid, just a stone’s throw from almost everything, a hotel where you will feel truly at home is the Chic&Basic Madrid. This hotel comes equipped with 36 rooms; 6 floors; a “be yourself” zone; a “help yourself” zone; a “love yourself” zone with sun terrace, loungers and a shower to freshen up; a free Internet zone and WiFi throughout the hotel. The hotel remains true to the last to the Chic&Basic philosophy: no frills, no ostentation, but with superb taste, fun and an even greater ambiance.
A former textile warehouse in Central Madrid’s famous Habsburg district, converted into a fashionable hotel true to a distinguishing and delightful formula, is Chic&Basic’s second Madrid hotel. The blend of history and modern design lend the hotel a particularly chic and engaging look, right in the heart of Madrid. Simple but full with details which will bring a smile to your lips and make you feel truly at ease. Welcome to the “Hotel Sweet Home” utopia, with 22 rooms, sure to satisfy any guest.

The old Gutemberg apartments are starting to get the Chic&Basic shape in Barcelona, the second Chic&Basic hotel in this city. Half of the rooms from Gutenberg are already Chic&Basic. The guest is welcome to take advantage of the lower rates and enjoy the old styled Gutenberg (hall, front desk and restaurant) and the new renovated Chic&Basic Rambles rooms.
The Chic&Basic Hostel in Madrid is home to some of the most colorful rooms in Madrid. Located next to la Puerta del Sol, in the middle of the cultural and nightlife center of Madrid, it has ten rooms: single, double, and double superior; all of them air conditioned, plasma TV, safe, stereo and full bathroom. In addition, you can enjoy their Chill&Basic, self-service breakfast, internet access and daily newspapers.

A new concept of hostel awaits in Barcelona. Chic&Basic’s kinds of room are L and M, and in all of them you can find plasma TV with international channels, air conditioning and heating, and a full bathroom. From the room the guest can also listen to the music channel prepared for by their music director or you may connect your own iPod or MP3 player to the room loudspeakers. In the Chic&Basic Tallers you will also find their Chill&Basic, the living-room area where you can prepare yourself a sandwich for free, or have a coffee or a juice while you browse the Web or relax reading a trend magazine.

The Chic&Basic apartments are found in three different places in Barcelona: the “coolest” neighborhood in Barcelona: el Born; Bruc Street on the border of the Gothic Quarter; and at the Plaza Urquinaona. Each offers spacious apartments you may want to stay forever at.

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