Chromata Santorini Hotel, Greece

February 22, 2012 by

Chromata Santorini is a tiny luxury design hotel in Santorini.

A model of trendy contemporary hotels in Santorini, Chromata 5 star hotel in Imerovigli is located on the most celebrated romantic Island in Greece’s Cyclades. It debuted its stunning modern original design in the summer of 2010.

Long recognized as one of the fashionable and indulgent hotels in Imerovigli, innovative design details highlight the 5 star hotel’s amazingly attractive, dreamy setting with white hued details integrating elements from the astonishing splendor of the island, rich textures, and luxurious fabrics.

In keeping the memorable history of the small luxury design hotel together, original standards for modern design hotels in Santorini, have now been made. Balanced on what is perhaps, both the Cyclades and Greece’s most symbolic picture postcard image, on Santorini’s Caldera edge in the Cyclades village of Imerovigli, the small luxury hotel naturally blends a sense of glamour, legacy, current amenities and extremely personalized services.

As a leader amid hotels in Imerovigli, Chromata 5 star hotel both astonishes and charms visitors on a variety of diverse levels: from the compellingly stunning interiors within each of its 22 rooms and suites conveying the delightful lifestyle of Imerovigli and Santorini, to the exclusively appealing infinity pool from where one can literally breathe in the pure spirit of the Caldera.

Outdoor cocktails and gourmet dining make for long dreamy afternoons stretching into the night at the contemporary hotel in Santorini’s distinct, friendly setting atop the Caldera rim.

Chromata Santorini combines elegance with familiarity at this 5 star hotel. As a chic symbol of hotels in Imerovigli, recognized as a trendy and renowned contemporary hotel in Santorini, Chromata Up-Style Hotel is a small luxury hotel in the Cyclades, Greece that shows all that the discerning traveler comes to anticipate from a modern design hotel.

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