Concordia Eco-Resort, St. John

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Pity the poor eco-minded traveler. You want to be kind to the Earth, but why are the greenest lodgings so often boring or monastic? Is it too much to ask for a comfortable bed, a good meal, maybe a small view of paradise while you’re at it?

Welcome to Concordia Eco-Resort in St. John, where you can take an eco-friendly vacation and thoroughly enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

Set on the southern tip of St. John, Concordia Eco-Resort offers oceanview tent cottages that lie perched on a hillside like treehouses. It’s far from the tent camping of your youth — these tents have solid frames, screened-in windows, real beds with mattresses, basic kitchens, and the all-important private bathroom. If you’re not feeling the whole canvas wall thing, the resort also offers studio and efficiency units in real buildings.

The front desk rents snorkel gear and and sells important basics like beer, snacks, and ice cream. There’s an on-site cafe, guest laundry, and small freshwater swimming pool.

Despite the comforts, the camp’s green credentials are first-rate: The energy used in camp comes from solar or wind power, all soaps and cleaners are natural and bio-degradable, and the toilets are composting models. (Best not to ask too many questions about that last bit.)

Tents go for $110 to $190 per night, depending on location and season. Studios range from $120 to $255. All comfortably sleep four to six. And saving the planet while you’re at it? Priceless.

Images: Concordia Eco-Resort

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  1. The views look absolutely breathtaking!

    Their eco-credentials seem pretty strong if they have composting toilets and generate their energy through renewable sources.

    Well done to Concordia Eco Resort!

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