Dar Hi Hotel in Nefta, Tunisia

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Six years after the opening of the HI hotel, design hotel in Nice, Philippe Chapelet and Patrick Elouarghi invite guests to Nefta, south of Tunisia, for a fresh experience. They once again chose the designer Matali Crasset to imagine and produce the project. Dar Hi is the result of this partnership, a modern lodging between guest house and charm hotel, at the edge of the desert and close to the city.
This hotel is ideal for city breaks and vacations, it allows guests to be secluded, to take care of body and mind, as well as exchanging and opening one’s self to the other in an outstanding natural and human environment.
Dar HI’s layout is one of a village in agreement with Nefta’s landscape. It is surrounded by a wall like all local architectures, Dar HI follows the landscape’s shape and emerges from the ground.
This hotel is not accessible by car, you leave the city, so you will arrive on foot and once you are welcomed in you will take off your shoes and will be wearing local Tunisian slippers called babouches, in which your journey may begin.

Guests wellbeing at Dar HI includes massages, hammam, essential oils baths in the HI body and soul Spa, organic food and products served in a modern, environmental and sustainable surrounding created by Matali Crasset.

Dar HI proposes 4 different concepts for 17 rooms. The spaces that create Dar HI have different orientations therefore a special panorama (city, desert, oasis, etc.) and a precise type of communication with life within the hotel (interior terrace, swimming pool, hammam, etc.)
The 4 different ways of life available are: the air type with elevated houses that overlook the local life and the oasis, the troglodyte type within the rocky part, the dune type at the same level than the sand and the traditional house.

The Pill Houses have outstanding views that are all different. Some have a panorama overlooking the horizon of the salted lake, others have a view of the palm grove and its very diverse landscape. Both are very different, one is more intimate being high above the ground with a panoramic view and the other on the lower ground so more amongst the communal area. High above the ground the room is structured around a bow window, as if the view was included in the room. A small table, a large bed that hides part of the shower and toilets compose the room. Down below it is like a small village square. Everyone has a space that is protected from the sun. The square, the bar, the water point and small fountains are all places to be easily together.

Three areas called troglodytes with small bricks from Nefta are completely sovereign with their own clandestine terraces but also linked together by a circular area from one to the other. Collective life is articulated around a small square with a small water cascade and a bread oven. These rooms can be rented entirely for a stay with friends or family. The freshness reminds of the typical troglodytes houses of Matmata.

The Dunes are at sand level. The motivation was the bivouac that allows guests to adjust comfort as you wish. It’s an unbelievable experience living within the dunes, creating your own nest, feeling closer to the desert. They are all different, one has a loggia with a natural light and an indoor garden, the other very roomy has an exterior terrace and a large window with a view of Nefta, the third one also very spacious and fresh. It offers a view on the date grove with an independent room and an alcove wooden terrace.

Dar Malika is a traditional house within the village that allows you to share moments amongst friends using the hotel’s amenities.
Dar HI has a natural source of hot water flowing under its basement. A natural geothermic principal, the hammam will not need any other generator to stay warm. The pool also has natural warm water.

At Dar HI, the HI body and soul is dedicated to well being for body and spirit. It has several massage and body care areas, a bathtub with oriental relaxing essential oils, a meditation room, and a very spacious traditional hammam.

Meals at this hotel are prepared by local cooks. They will cook traditional dishes from the region and pick vegetables every morning from their garden. Each day the dishes are prepared and served throughout the house.
Dar HI is located in the historic center of Nefta town, south of Tunisia at the frontier of the desert between Chott El Jerid and dunes of sand.

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