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Eco Friendly: Patagonia

November 29, 2013 by


Known as Patagonia’s first eco friendly lodge, EcoCamp is a geodome village located in the Torres del Paine National Park, in the southern part of Chile.

It is owned and operated by the founders of Cascada Expeditions and serves those who wish to explore Patagonia’s Andes mountains and wildlife while preserving the beautiful land they’ve come to see.


EcoCamp is run 100% on renewable resources. All waste is either recycled, composted, or fed to the neighboring pig farm. Dome design and construction allows for minimal flora disruption and maximum interior space and temperature regulation.

Minimal lighting at night provides jaw-dropping views of the southern skies and leaves the wildlife undisturbed. And the list goes on. EcoCamp is a carbon neutral company and continues to strive towards preserving Chile’s most exsquisite parts.

Seven different tour options allow any personality to have the trip of a lifetime. Whether you prefer casual daily treks, technical mountain climbing,  wildlife photography treks, or a South American wildlife safari, Cascada offers a package for you.

Visit here to learn more about each tour offering.


Each day, head back to your private dome to relax and soak up the memories. Then join your fellow travelers at the community domes for dinner and fireside wine.

Tours range from $1500-3000 for 6-8 night adventures and include your stay at the EcoLodge.

Photo Source: EcoCamp

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