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Exclusive Musha Cay Offers Magical Luxury

January 20, 2015 by

Musha Cay Resort

Many people dream of owning a private island where they can get away. Back in 2006 the popular magician David Copperfield did just that when he purchased the lamb-shank-shaped island called Musha Cay.

Since then he has transformed the 100-acre Bahamian island into an exclusive luxury resort he shares with those who can afford it.

Musha Cay

Things to Do at Musha Cay Resort

The Musha Cay resort offers experiences you’d expect to find at an island destination like, 40 pristine beaches, jet skiing, snorkeling, and other beach-related things to do, but Musha Cay offers much more.

Guests can arrange a private picnic on one of the beaches, enjoy a night at Dave’s Drive-in watching your favorite movies in a state-of-the-art outdoor theater equipped with a giant 2-story silver screen, located right on Coconut Beach. Guests can also arrange a one-of-a-kind Treasure Hunt which is created and performed by David Copperfield’s Creative Team.

Fitness enthusiasts can also take advantage of Musha Cay Resort’s lighted championship tennis court, or the beachfront gym equipped with the latest in fitness equipment, or take in the tropical setting including rare flowers which line the paths around the island making it a breathtaking place to walk or jog.

Other unique opportunities include a chance to visit a secret jungle village via a hidden staircase or a descent through an underground tunnel into another world populated by some of the friendliest monkeys you’ll ever meet. It really is a magical destination.

Musha Cay

Luxury Accommodations

Musha Cay’s accommodations include five tropical-style guest houses. Master suites feature resplendent four-poster beds and ensuite his-and her bathrooms. The houses are all furnished with antiques and exotic treasures collected from around the world, plus each house enjoys its own private beach!

How to Get There

While Musha Cay is a remote location, you can get there via plane in just about an hour if you fly out of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Nassau to Georgetown Airport, followed by a 15-minute charter flight. The island can also be reached via an hour-long boat trip from the Georgetown airport, or arrangements can be made to come aboard your own yacht (up to 200 ft.) or private jet.

Photo credits: Merian Mary

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