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Find the Best Hotel Deals with DealAngel

July 27, 2013 by


It’s no secret that hotel prices are up across the globe. DealAngel is a new online hotel search tool that helps find hotel deals, sorts them by price and compares them to the hotel’s average rate so you can see just how good the deal really is.

Along with that, the site features a color-coded calendar to make it easy to see the most affordable times to travel to get the best deal.

The DealAngel Difference

DealAngel understands that with so many search sites and a plethora of choices and prices, it gets confusing and makes it hard to tell if we are really getting a good deal. DealAngel cuts through the information excess and condenses it to what travelers really want to know. It makes it easy to see which hotels offer the best value for our hard-earned travel dollars.

They track changes in prices across the hotel industry market and determine the fair market rate for each hotel. They take into consideration things like location, features, star value, and the hotel’s past pricing.

Equipped with this pertinent information, the site finds hotels priced significantly below what they would normally charge. They make it easy for consumers to discover real savings as they bypass all the marketing and sales hype.

Front Desk

Easy to Navigate

DealAngel is easy to navigate. All you have to do is enter the city you want to go to and the dates, and the site organizes a list of hotels using a non-biased approach. If there are no deals to be had in that city, the site doesn’t bring up any offers.

Not a Booking Site

DealAngel doesn’t actually do the booking of the hotels they recommend. They share information with direct links to the booking site. This site is different than others offering travel deals. For more information visit the website.

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