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Get Last-Minute Deals with Hotel Tonight

December 8, 2013 by


Sometimes it pays not to plan ahead. Maybe after touching down in a new city you’ve become so smitten that you want to extend your trip a couple more days. Or maybe you showed up, luggage in hand, to find out that those stunning photos on the hotel’s website were taken sometime during the Reagan administration.

Either way, Hotel Tonight has you covered.

The app, which is available for free download both from the Apple store and Google Play, does exactly what it sounds like—it helps you to find and book same-day hotel rooms. It’s a win-win for both hotels and travelers, since hotels get to fill up unsold rooms that would otherwise remain empty and travelers get to swoop in and grab a deal.

Hotel Tonight covers cities throughout North America and Europe, with the deals updating at noon in each destination’s timezone. During a recent search, we found a room at NYC’s The Time Hotel, just a few blocks from Time Square, for $169/night (regularly $259).

We also found a deal at the hip Platine Hotel in Paris for $161/night (regularly $199). (Did we mention it’s a 15-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and includes complimentary access to a Turkish steam bath and sauna?)

Each city typically has less than a dozen hotels to choose from on any given day, but each property is vetted by Hotel Tonight staffers, resulting in a high quality catalogue. The properties listed change day by day based on availability, and rooms also tend to become scarcer as the day wears on, so if you see a deal you like, book it.

photo credit: Platine Hotel

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