Grand Hotel Central in Barcelona, Spain

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Grand Hotel Central has been lauded by The Guardian as “one of the five best European new hip hotels.”
The building it is housed in was established in 1926. The fashionable space is right at the heart of Barcelona, just a few minutes walked from the most popular areas: museums, shops, beaches, restaurants, and more… an entire city awaits to be explored!

Guests will experience a stay in one of Grand Hotel Central’s 147 airy rooms and suites. They are each enveloped in natural sunlight, with an amazing Infinity pool giving the greatest views of Barcelona. The rooms at this hotel are lustrous and uncomplicated with soft furnishings. There are 65 Double Rooms, 30 Superior Twin Sooms, 30 Superior King Rooms and 22 Spectacular Suites.

Avalon Restaurant and Cafe, run by Ramon Freixa, offers an elegant atmosphere with delicious food surrounded by an avant-garde design with meticulous detail. The restaurant has something of the hotel’s grown-up sense of style. The romantic lighting and understated decor make this place welcoming and equally charming.

Grand Hotel Central is also home to “The Wellness Suite” with a complete fitness center. This is a place to retreat when the big city lights become too much. A world of relaxation and comfort with take over, with the aroma of incense coaxing you to unwind. The silence that surrounds you will be almost audible, it is that encompassing.

The revamped rooftop is home to the a stunning pool, unrivaled in all of Barcelona. A sheet of water blends seamlessly into the rooftops of the Born District. Cozy loungers, an assortment of fruits, salads, juice, and cocktails, and calming music, all make this area a privilege reserved for guests.

Grand Hotel Central also comes with four fully equipped meeting rooms, a library, business center and 24 hour car park for business savvy travelers.
This smooth, sleek, yet simple hotel is perfect for your stay in Barcelona.

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