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Hi- Hotel is a 39 room urban hotel located 200 meters from the sea in France. It is the invention of Matali Crasset, an aspiring young French designer.

Hi is a hotel with new approach to design hotels based on hospitality, progressiveness and conversation. This hotel gives a special way to visualize opulence by making it reachable. Hi suggests an encounter where everything is prepared just for you, the guest, and invites you to discover new typologies of modern spaces.

This hotel is daring and pioneering, offering comfortable rooms with concepts to look at life in at a dissimilar standpoint.

The Happy bar is at the heart of the hotel. Its centrepiece is a suspended nacelle, impressive yet light, like a modern alcove. It structures the whole space, filtering the light coming in from both the street and the atrium garden.
In the evening, the atmosphere turns festive with lighting effects. The nacelle comes to life with the presence of live DJs (sound designed by Kompakt) or the Hi.mages video screenings.

Hi is a design and urban hotel living in a modern experience. At the same time, Hi-dentity is also concerned about welfare and with a strong commitment to environmental values, in relation with today’s commitment to protect the planet. Some examples of this hotel “going green” are: mineral organic paint on the hotel’s façade, organic restaurant, exclusive use of organic products for the breakfast and the restaurant, use of recycled paper in the administration, graphic materials for external and internal use printed without chlorinate chemicals with the label TCF, packaging of the boxes and usable materials of the restaurant made out of recycled materials, vegetal shampoo and shower gel available in the rooms without packaging, waste separation- sorting of recyclables, bicycles available in front of the hotel, essential oils scent diffused in all communal spaces, staff t-shirt made out of organic cotton, partnership with a fashion company named Miséricordia, products sold at the Hi Shop or used by our staff, ecological cleaning products used in the rooms, corridors and lift (non smoking), gardening products with no chemical fertilizers and actions and communication with their clients for energy savings purposes (linen, water etc.).

Hi offers nine distinct room concepts. Each one offers a precise spatial arrangement to be lived and discovered. They are not ornamental themes but more typologies that give substitutes to what are usually exceptionally codified spaces. The room becomes a location for micro-events in relation to the spatial arrangements. Comfort goes beyond the merely material and visual. The room concepts are: Techno Corner, Up & Down, Happy Day, White & White, Indoor Terrasse, Digital, Redez Vous, Monospace and Strates.

Techno Corner is devoted to image and sound like a personal auditorium. The widescreen television acts as a folding screen between the bathroom and the room. The sofa has built in speaks and headphones with a musical collection from the Kompakt label in its arm rests.

Up & Down is decorated with braided chestnut shelves dividing the room into two zones: the upper zone for services, the lower zone for relaxing.

Happy Day highlights the passing from the day to the night as a metamorphosis. The room is a lounge with a couch with clear wood and acid green tones by day, and a pink alcove and the other half of the bed are exposed by night.

White & White is a room immaculately white, where the traditional uses of furniture have been shifted: the table becomes a bed. The wellbeing is dedicated in this space, with fresh and organic products throughout.

Indoor Terrasse’s furniture is at the heart of the room. It becomes like a deck on a terrace. The toilets are like a hut and when lighted , glow like a lantern.

Digital is a room with a graphic design theme motivated by cyber-culture. Giant pixels decorate the walls, with furniture pieces like windows of a computer.

Rendez vous is a modular space that can be a bath lounge or a working area. The bathtub is lava stone, large and welcoming. The room comes complete with a private terrace, complete living space with a shower and modifiable seating.

Monospace is a room of open space. The room is in three sections, each associated with a color/function: comfort, relaxation and breathing.

Strates should be lived in layers, from bottom to top: store, relax, hydrate, invigorate, decompress, dream.

Hi-dentity takes your typical hotel and puts a fresh, intoxicating spin on the typical hotel stay. The rooms are inventive and fun, with the newest technology and fresh ideas sure to please any adventurous guest.

Find a video of this hotel and more on our chic hotels playlist in our ChicTraveler channel on youtube.

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