Hotel 111 in Carcassonne, France

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Hotel 111 is found at the base of the celebrated old city of Carcassonne.

This hotel is mega-modern and urbane, but above all, an astonishing hotel in it’s category. This hotel was created and built on the remains of an old hotel that lost its glory a long time ago.

Hotel 111, under the direction and expertise of their architects, is proud to offer 10 rooms and suites to its guests. Each room is decorated in its own unique style, with a knack for detail, and an experience guests are looking for on vacation.

The rooms have an abundance of magic, design, sophistication, and luxury. Hotel 11 offers several room styles, including: Room Prestige, Room de Luxe, Junior Suite, and Suite.

Room Prestige is approximately 35 square meters, complete with a cozy living space. Room de Luxe is larger, sitting at 40 square meters, with a Scandinavian style and a view to the garden. Junior Suite is 60 square meters, complete with an original bathroom between the living room and bedroom. And lastly, the designed 111 Suite, is 88 square meters, taking technology and making it its own, going beyond indulgence and comfort.

The hotel is complimented by its restaurant and bar, a fitness center and spa, private area and a terrace with the fantastic pool called “Aquarium.”

The restaurant of 111 is headed by Chef Mohamed El Yousefy, who specializes his dishes with the wonderful flavors and colors of the south of France. The food is all about respecting the local, genuine products which can be found on small village markets.

The fitness center is open all day long, with work out machines waiting and ready for guests to take advantage of. It is equipped with the newest Techno-Gym generation machines, the most refinement on the market, because guests can personalize them to your unique levels.

It’s behind these walls of glass at Hotel 111, that guests expectations are met and exceeded.

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