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Hotel Bel-Ami in Paris, France

August 4, 2011 by

Hotel Bel-Ami has its heart beating to the rhythm of Saint Germain des Pres in Paris.

The rooms and suites at this fashionable hotel are casual chic, with a Spa by Payot, and B.A. bar with art exhibitions and live jazz music. Bel Ami is a modern address with a welcoming and peaceful ambiance.

The heart of Saint Germain des Prés beats between the walls of the superb Bel Ami Hotel. Following the literary and very Parisian tradition of this lively district, the hotel imposes its own exceptional stylish and tranquil environment. Light and airy, vibrant with color, the hotel blossoms out over its course of artistic metamorphoses.

Born with the 21st century, it asserts itself as a preferred meeting point for well-informed travelers, susceptible to magnificence and imagination. Its literary, artistic, epicurean source of inspiration is displayed with talent in its open areas. And the prospect is attraction: from a French breakfast at Bel Ami Café or a vernissage at B.A bar springs the lively alchemy of modern romantism and city hospitality.

As a counterpoint to this sparkle, the new Wellness Center by Payot is a lovely promise of comfort and relaxation. Since its opening nine years ago, several interior designers and renowned architects, magicians of space, color and light have succeeded one another to give Bel Ami its freshness and modern charm, while preserving its very own soul and spirit.

Recently renovated, the suites on the top floor evoke with softness the past of the hotel, built on the previous premises of a brilliant 18th century printing works. The scent of old books, wooden shelves and comfortable armchairs, the spirit of Maupassant, charmer, dreamer, occasional dandy, watch over the destiny of Bel Ami, a fashionable address which now belongs to Bessé Signature group.

Between the legendary places of the past and those of nowadays stylish brands, the architect designer Pascal Allaman and the fashion creator and designer Marina Bessé with their own philosophy chose to bring to the Bel Ami Hotel, a note of modernity which privileges a spirit of sophistication, very contemporaneous peaceful comfort.

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