Hotel Chocolat in St. Lucia

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Hotel Chocolat in St. Lucia makes paradise seem a little bit sweeter. Situated on a 140-acre cocoa plantation near the colonial capital of Soufriere, the boutique hotel is the brainchild of the British chocolatier of the same name.

The hotel sits on the Rabot Estate, the island’s oldest working cocoa plantation, dating back to 1745. The owners purchased it in 2005 with the hopes of restoring St. Lucia’s once-thriving chocolate industry. It was only in 2011 when the plantation opened to visitors wanting to spend a night.

Hotel Chocolat features 14 stone-and-timber cottages that blend St. Lucian charm and slick, contemporary style. The walls are stone, and the bathrooms sport polished granite and open-to-the-sky showers that make even a tropical downpour inviting. And don’t forget the views of the St. Lucia’s iconic Pitons.

A restaurant, Boucan, also sits on the premises, offering up innovative dishes such as seasonal fish roasted in cocoa butter and served with bacon-spiced lentils and Angus prime beef with a dark chocolate port wine sauce.

After dinner, spend time exploring the estate for a first-hand look at cocoa growing. Or join in on a tour, like the Tree to Bar Experience, where guests can make their own chocolate, starting with selecting ripe cocoa pods from the estate cocoa groves.

Prices begin at $350 per night.

Photo credits: Hotel Chocolat

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  1. Julie C. says:

    Does the whole place actually smell like chocolate? What does a cocao plantation smell like before it’s harvested and turned into chocolate? Mmmmm… maybe like what I think Willy Wonka’s factory might smell like. :)

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