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Hotel Grocery Delivery a Growing Trend

November 18, 2013 by

Eating in hotel room

Room service is becoming a thing of the past in many hotels, but there is a new trend emerging – hotel grocery delivery service.

Travelers get tired of eating out, including hotel fare, and more and more hotels are scaling back on money-losing amenities like room service. The answer for guests of some hotel chains is grocery delivery.

Groceries a New Guest Convenience

As high end hotels seek to meet guests’ needs and cut losses, providing grocery delivery to guests is a win for both sides. It frees guests from the limitations of room service and mini bars and lets them eat foods they actually want without going out.

More and more high-end hotels find their guests appreciate this type of service.


Grocery Service Leads to New Challenges

The challenge for some hotels is that rooms are not equipped for cooking; however, hotels like Residence Inn by Marriott often have long-term guests and provide kitchens to them. Grocery delivery also includes a delivery fee, but eating out requires a gratuity so that negates that as a “problem.”

Even with such challenges, grocery delivery holds its appeal. For many guests it beats running to the store, eating at the hotel restaurant, or calling room service. Many rooms are equipped with a microwave, and while that doesn’t offer a fully equipped kitchen, it certainly offers limited cooking and a healthier eating option for people who travel a lot.

In some locations, eating out or having meals delivered add up very quickly, so even with a delivery fee, having groceries delivered is a money-saving choice. According to Travelzoo Senior Editor Gabe Saglie:

“Hotels offering grocery delivery is a trend that will likely gain momentum as more hotels begin to scale back or curtail amenities like in-room dining altogether.”

While grocery delivery is a growing trend, ask if it is available when you make your reservation. If they do deliver, be aware that delivery services often do not deliver items such as alcohol, cigarettes, and certain drugs.

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