Hotel Quote Taipei, Taiwan

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Located in the heart of Taipei City, Hotel Quote Taipei is 1-minute walk from Taipei Arena, 4-minute walk from Nan-Jing E. Rd. MRT Station, and only 6-minute drive from Songshang Airport. The hotel is easily nearby to active commercial areas and tourism spots.

Inspired by real insights into the contemporary traveler, they supply an encounter that is most pertinent to their guests without sacrificing that certain sophistication.

With its distinguishing wood-and-metal design scheme, Hotel Quote Taipei provides an atmosphere that is at once sociable and full of character, and that re-concentrates the theory of luxury on the true meanings of comfort.

This hotel is home to 64 superb and comfortable guest rooms. These rooms are designed from attentive approaches, one that smoothly integrates space and meaning into a sanctuary of personal comfort. Room styles include: Q Room, U Room, U-Balcony Room, O Room, T Room, E Room, and Quote Room.

Impersonating your daily home kitchen, H.Q. Lounge is where their guests can fulfill that yearning. It is stockpiled with beverages, fruits, and snacks that are promptly available 24-hours.

A fashionable restaurant and bar as well as an exceptional gathering place, 333 offers a lively yet cozy setting for guests to relax. Their drink list is complimented by a menu of gourmet sandwiches, making 333 the place to be for untainted extravagance and toasting good company.

Hotel Quote Taipei is not just a passing lodging in their guests’ ventures, but also a place to stimulate their existence. Every beat will be truly in sync with the rhythm of their guests.

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