Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas

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Hotel Saint Cecilia is a private property in Austin’s South Congress district.

This hotel was named in honor of the patron saint of music and poetry as the accommodations of this southern hotel are stirred from the experimentation of 1960’s writers like William Burroughs, the audaciousness and lavishness of groups like The Rolling Stones in the early 1970’s, and the insolence of custom personified by artists like Joan Miro and Andy Warhol in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Hotel Saint Cecilia is home to five individual suites, six poolside bungalows, and three studios that cover this secluded property. These spaces have been designed and decorated to bring out the poet and artist in each of us.

One of the three Grand Suites in the house, Suite One has a sitting room, private study, and big bedroom, alone with a private tub and outdoor shower.

Suite Two is found in the garden-facing corner of the House, complete with a sitting room with daybed, roomy bedroom with 11’ ceilings, and a wraparound porch it shares with Suite Three.

Located near the center of the House, Suite Three has a bedroom with 11’ ceilings, a bathroom that includes a bathtub and separate shower, and the aforementioned shared porch with Suite Two.

The next Grand Suite is Suite Four, with a private fenced backyard with an outdoor fireplace and porch, in addition to the deluxe living room, bedroom, and bathrooms.

Suite Five is nestled in the garden next to the lounge, with accommodations including an standing piano and a private screened-in porch with a view of the grounds.

Studios, found in the main building, each come with a private terrace along with their traditional comforts. Each of Hotel Cecilia’s Bungalows offers something unique: a pool-view patio and a built-in-wet bar are two.

Hotel Saint Cecilia goes above and beyond, they cater to the spirit, not just to your stay. Each room comes equipped with a Geneva Sound System, including a turntable and iPod connections. The Saint Cecilia Library features a grand collection of vintage vinyl, along with films and books on poetry, writers, and musicians. Hotel Saint Cecilia is also dog-friendly.

The only order they offer their guests if on loan from the composer’s dictionary: “a bene placito – pacing is up to the performer.”

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