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Hotel Salto Chico Offers an Otherworldly Experience

October 7, 2014 by

Hotel Salto Chico

For those looking for an exciting destination and a unique hotel stay, the Hotel Salto Chico offers the perfect blend with an architecture that lets hotel guests enjoy a remote region in comfort.

This all inclusive luxury location was designed by Chilean architects who utilized varying ceiling heights, curving stairs, and angled walls to craft an all-white, minimalist lodge that complements its remote Patagonian location nestled amid 9,000-foot granite peaks, glacial fields, and gray-blue lagoons.

Every Room Has a View

The Hotel Salto Chico is small by some standards with only 49 rooms in all, but every room features a view of Patagonia’s savage peaks, a lake view, or looks out at a stunning waterfall. The spectacular scenery makes it hard to choose.

Rooms offer modern comforts, handcrafted furnishings, TVs, phone, and an in-room safe.

Hotel Salto Chico Bath House

Bath House

Bath House

The hotel’s design also incorporates a bath house which offers magnificent views with three walls of windows surrounding an indoor pool that overlooks the frigid Lake Pehoe. It gives swimmers a unique illusion of taking a Patagonian plunge.

Hotel Salto Chico

Torres del Paine

Guests also enjoy the adventure of nearby Torres del Paine, Chile’s 600,000-acre national park. Whether you choose to hike around the base of the Cuernos del Paine or kayak the Serrano River, go horseback riding, sailing, fly fishing or climbing, or prefer to tour the park by car, you’ll find plenty of tours and guides available to make the most of the experience.

Everything about Hotel Salto Chico’s design creates an aura of simplicity while making it possible for guests to become one with the beauty of the natural environment. This includes a selection of guided exploration programs offered through the hotel. And even in this remote locations, guests have access to wireless Internet in common areas.

Prices start at $3,760 for four nights and includes meals, activities, and airport pickup.

Photo credits: Jim McDaniel

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