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Hovelstay a New Adventurous Way to Save

December 29, 2014 by

Malutka Fairy's Cave

Malutka Fairy’s Cave

A new anti-luxury vacation service, Hovelstay, offers adventurous, broke travelers a chance to get away with a selection of rooms and homes unlike you’ll find anywhere else.

Accommodations offered on their site fall into three categories: clean and comfortable, good enough, and survivor hovels. In general, most of the rental options don’t meet the definition of hovel which Miriam Webster describes as “a small, wretched, and often dirty house: hut.” Many are rooms in someone’s house and others are much more.

Mermaid Cordwood Cottage

Mermaid Cordwood Cottage

Clean and Comfortable

The clean and comfortable “hovels” are described as “close to staying in your own room when visiting home as you can get.”

Some of the rooms highlighted in this category are quite large, others not so much. But the savvy traveler will find clean and comfortable hovels in trendy locations in Los Angeles, Ithaca, Miami, South Beach, and even Sandy, UT close to ski resorts, among other locations. These are private furnished rooms in people’s home.

Other options provide more than a room, such as the hand built cord-wood and bottle structure listed as Mermaid Cottage. Overseas options are also available and include an enchanting stay at Malutka Fairy’s Grotto, a nine-room cave house located in Baza, Granada, Spain which is available from $99 a night.

Good Enough

The second category of rooms considered “good enough” are said to be “spring-breakish” in quality and are “usually” located in a really good neighborhood.

Good enough rental inventory offers stays in New York, Florida, and more exotic locations including the Jungle Cottage in Hawaii, a lush Eco House made of 60% bamboo found in Costa Rico located near where Robinson Caruso was filmed.

It’s important to note that while accommodations may offer cable TV and a microwave, they may not include soap and toilet paper or a smoke detector.

Survivor Hovels

Some of the survivor hovels listed on the site are really bare-bones, but many are in primitive locations that really let you get away from it all. You can watch the stars from a half-finished tree house in the backyard of a million dollar home in Los Angeles, or stay in a jungle hovel in Dominical Costa Rica on a 4-acre primitive property for just $5.00 a night.

What does primitive mean? It means your only amenities are a pool, on site free parking, and a nearby park. No electricity, no bathrooms, not even a deck or patio. Other options include sleeping in a tent on a rooftop in Ramat gan, or private camping in Pahoa Hawii.

Is this gimmicky? Yes. Does it offer no-frills and affordable places to stay? Yes. The cost for listing a property on Hovelstay is free but those who do will pay a 3 percent fee on the booking rate. For those looking to get away for less, it’s a place to hook up with plenty of opportunities for a unique experience.

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  1. Penny W. says:

    If I were younger and not into soft beds and creature comforts, I would definitely have traveled this way if I’d known about it then! Great service idea!

  2. Louise says:

    First off, thanks so much for the article!

    Secondly – Penny, we have plenty of soft beds for you, check out our clean & comfortable listings, you may like what you find!


    Louise from hovelstay.com HQ

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