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Huaorani Ecolodge a True Rainforest Encounter

October 30, 2015 by

Huaorani Ecolodge

Huaorani Ecolodge

For those who love nature and yearn to visit the rainforest without impacting the environment, a trip to the Huaorani Ecolodge offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to do just that.

This adventure destination offers an opportunity to learn about survival in the Amazon directly from one of the most remote Amazonian cultures on Earth – the Huaorani.

Huaorani Ecolodge

Getting there Part of the Adventure

The Huaorani Ecolodge is so remote that getting there is part of the adventure. The overland journey takes guests past snow-covered volcanoes and down through lush cloud forests near the town of Baños.

Once in the town of Shell in the Amazonian lowlands, the adventure takes you aboard a small aircraft which carries you over rainforest until it reaches a grass airstrip at the Huaorani village of Quehueri’ono.

From there, a Huaorani guide takes guests downriver via a traditional dugout canoe carrying them through remote rainforests to the Huaorani Ecolodge.

Huaorani Ecolodge

The Huaorani Ecolodge lets you live in harmony with the rainforest. While it is remote, filtered water (and mosquito nets) are available. Guests sleep in comfortable beds, and accommodations include a private bath.

Cabins even feature electricity for refrigeration, however, power depends on solar energy so cloudy days may limit availability. While rustic, a stay at the Huaorani Ecolodge is a step above camping. In fact, today it could be considered glamping.

Huaorani Ecolodge

Huaorani Ecolodge

Things to Do

While staying at the Huaorani Ecoldge, guests have the chance to go on rainforest hikes with Huaorani guides who will introduce them to rainforest wildlife and provide little-known insights into the Huaorani way of life.

Learn about blowguns and how they work, how to build fires in the wet Amazon rainforest without matches or a lighter, as well as other jungle survival skills. Or voyage downriver for a unique opportunity to witness wildlife like monkeys, toucans, macaws, and other animals in their natural habitat.

This trip will open eyes to real rainforest life, and on the way back to the rest of the world, guests will also have the opportunity to witness firsthand the damage oil exploration has done to Huaorani hunting grounds with miles and miles of oil pipelines.

Be sure to pack your camera and include a flash because life beneath the canopy is a little dark.

Photo credits: Two for the Road

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