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Hyatt Makes Travel with Babies Easier

September 24, 2014 by

Baby Travel

Family vacations should be fun and laid-back, but when you have a baby, packing and lugging all the gear you need for travel can put a damper the fun.

Now a company called Babies Travel Lite lets you travel free from all the extra baby-related baggage. They take care of all the supplies you need and send them ahead to your destination in combination with Hyatt Hotels.

Hyatt’s Babies Travel Lite

Hyatt’s Babies Travel Lite program delivers diapers, formula, food and other necessary items directly to your hotel room. That means when you arrive, instead of juggling all the baby gear along with your luggage and children, you walk into your room to find everything you need for your baby or toddler waiting for you.

Baby Items Hyatt

Does “Everything” Mean Everything

The items available through the Babies Travel Lite program are extensive with more than 1,500 name brand baby products available, including a sizable selection of organic options. They also deliver high chairs, boosters, toys, books, bath products and more.


The convenience of having all your baby items waiting for you when you arrive makes travel so much easier, but it also saves on packing time, baggage fees, and even saves you the time needed to shop for all the items you’d need to pack. Plus it eliminates worry that your baby-related luggage could be lost in the travel process.

How It Works

To use Babies Travel Lite you just call them to make arrangements 14 days before arrival at your Hyatt destination. Arrangements can be made online at Babies Travel Lite and last minute orders can be called in at 888-450-5483.

Once you’ve placed your order, Babies Travel Lite confirms and tracks it from the time it leaves the warehouse to the day it is delivered to your Hyatt room.

Babies Travel Lite to makes vacationing with your family easier and more fun for everyone by taking care of all the supplies you need for your baby or toddler.

Photo credits: Lars Plougmann, PYONKO

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  1. Penny W. says:

    As a paranoid new parent, I would probably still worry that something would go wrong and then I’d be left without any of my regular and necessary supplies. But if you are flexible and relaxed, it sounds like a fabulous program!

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