Les Pléiades Hotel in Barbizon, France

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A famous hotel in the art world where the souls of all the grand artists who visited it still pulsate. “To love is nothing. To be loved is everything. I love the Pléiades,” wrote the great Mistinguett.

This hotel is in the latest minimalist design, home to a gourmet restaurant with a Michelin star for its ultramodern cuisine and L’Atelier bistrot is a benchmark on the gastronomic landscape. Les Pléiades welcomes guests with its tender, intimate, and energetic environment.

From the history up to present day, the hotel dedications articulate an immense deal of zest, covering all styles. “You feel at home here” summed up the film art director Bertrand Tavernier. Since the 1830s the Pléiades has been a place with a touch of magic, bohemian style. At that time, the hotel was only a modest village house when it became home to the painter Charles Daubigny.

Nevertheless, the finest artists of its generation crossed its entry: Diaz, Descamps, Corot, Millet, Rousseau, and Stevenson: men who were abandoned and free, full of talent and daring, carried by their own need to create, seeking muse in nature, the light and who depicted their characters as peasants with gestures that live on, guardians of the earth and family values.

The hotel is home to twenty distinctive and spacious rooms and luxury suites, some with balcony or terrace, views onto the main street, Barbizon rooftops, the garden, “la Flamme” courtyard, the swimming pool and the hundred-year old vegetation on the edge of the forest. Room service, concierge, valet parking and luggage handling, supervised private parking, animals welcome, and elevator are a few amenities you can expect to enjoy. In addition, around the hotel and in the surrounding area: cycle riding, golf, horse riding, walking tours, and driving on racing circuit.

This hotel has been entirely revisited and remodeled, and they invite guests to consider it as your own; they are here to serve you.

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