Luxury’s Newest Address: Monastero Santa Rosa

November 12, 2012 by

Perched on one of the highest peaks of the Amalfi Coast, sits Italy’s hottest new luxury hotel. The Monastero Santa Rosa has finally opened its doors after an 11 year, $60 million renovation.

Dating back to 1681, the hotel was originally a closed-order Dominican monastery until 1912, when it fell into disrepair. As the years passed, efforts to transform it until successful full-facility hotel and bargain pensione failed.

It wasn’t until 1999 that an American businesswoman spied the building while sailing the coast and bid $10 million for it (enough to outbid Italian kingpin Silvio Berlusconi).

Original details remain intact here, like the monastery gates and confessional boxes lining the corridors. Each guestroom, marked not with a number but with the name of a herb used in the nun’s medicine making, is outfitted with antique furniture shopped from Italy’s markets and has dazzling views of the coast and of the Gulf of Salerno.

In warmer months, head down to the hotel’s lowest tier, where you can swim in an infinity pool that appears to drop directly into the sea.

But travelers looking to get an inside view of the property don’t have to book a room. The hotel’s spa and restaurant are open to visitors not staying at the hotel.

Rooms start around $480/night and can be reserved on their website.

photo credit: Monastero Santa Rosa

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  1. Penny W. says:

    That’s beautiful, but the drop off that cliff looks deadly. Would love to see the view from those rooms, though.

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