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Maison Couturier in San Rafael, Veracruz Mexico

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Maison Couturier in San Rafael, Veracruz Mexico

Maison Couturier is a 9-room, 4-star, luxury boutique hotel in San Rafael, Veracruz, Mexico. Situated on an agricultural estate that was built by French immigrants in the 19th century Maison Couturier is designed to take guests back in time, to experience a family-owned guesthouse that blends antiquity with modern creature comforts. An oasis for relaxation hidden within Banana plantations of this estate, this unique boutique hotel is designed to be removed from the everyday stress and strain of city living.

Maison Couturier in San Rafael, Veracruz Mexico

Accommodation at Maison Courturier is split between 3 rooms in the original building and the remaining 6 are bungalow-styled accomodation spread about the gardens of the estate, each boasting a private terrace and hammock.

Maison Couturier in San Rafael, Veracruz Mexico

Maison Couturier in San Rafael, Veracruz Mexico

Elegantly furnished, with a heavy accent of rustic charm via fireplaces, exposed brickwork and original terracotta tiled floors, the rooms are designed around a simple, uncluttered, concept that is both welcoming and charming.

The Restaurant & Bar at Maison Couturier occupies most of the original buildings floor space, with wide terraces at the front complimented by intimate terraces at the back. The restaurant’s kitchen is open-styled, allowing guests to walk in and observe the food preparation, as one were family – which is how you are welcomed at Maison Couturier.

The Restaurant & Bar area is divided into several spaces, Breakfast area, Reading Room, Dining Room and Bar. There is an outdoor area, for Al Fresco dining under the stars.

Maison Couturier in San Rafael, Veracruz Mexico

The Spa at Maison Couturier offers a range of wellness treatments that combine the best of Eastern and Western techniques. From Deep Massage to Reflexology and Japanese Acupuncture, the Spa at Maison Couturier can help you unwind from life’s stresses.

Maison Couturier offers event hosting for up to 120 people and the estate includes its own Chapel for events such as Weddings.

The hotel offers a wide range of activities that include Bicycle Trails, Trekking Trails, Archaeological Site Visits, Mangrove Ecotours and a range of the latest sporting activities such as Quad Bikes, Water Skiing, Kayaking, Kite Surfing and Rafting.

A novel and unique boutique hotel, Maison Couturier’s concept is to celebrate it’s old world charms and offer the best in relaxation breaks that serves as a counter balance to today’s hectic city living lifestyles. Graceful and elegant throughout, with impecabble service, Maison Couturier exudes class and is a definite must-stay experience for the Chic Traveler.

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