New Luxury Hotel Brand Bets People Want to Travel the Heming Way

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Word nerds, take notice. Hemingway, Ltd., a corporation owned by the prolific author’s family and estate, recently announced plans for a new brand of hotels centered around the lifestyle of Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway Hotels & Resorts will use the author’s persona as a world traveler and adventurer to lure globetrotters. While the company currently only has a website, the plan is to build a minimum of 30 hotels worldwide in places relevant to the life and literature of Papa. Word is, hotels are already being scheduled for Spain, Portugal, Florida Keys, Bahamas and Cuba.

The company’s website lists the criteria each hotel must meet to bear the brand name:

  • A property must be located in a destination that has a relationship with the great author and his literature, or offer the lifestyle opportunity for an adventure experience that those locales may suggest.
  • The architecture will express the spirit of the hotel’s location and often reference the places where Hemingway lived and wrote.
  • In homage to Hemingway’s passion for great food, the restaurants will serve authentic cuisine reflecting the local culture.
  • Bars will serve as the ultimate gathering places to enjoy Hemingway’s favorite libations and the camaraderie of friends.
  • Enlightened activities will be offered day and night; from adventurous sports in the great outdoors to cultural events like book readings and tours.
  • The essence of Hemingway will be celebrated—a passion for life, intellectual curiosity, unwavering integrity and a respect for the natural world.
  • Guestrooms should meet a minimum 4-star criteria.

Specifics are currently under wraps, but you can bet the hotel bars will sport a healthy amount of whiskey.

Chic Travelers, would you ever stay in a Hemingway-themed hotel? Let us know in the comments below.

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