Insólito Boutique Hotel in Búzios, Brazil

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Located on the edge of one of the most gorgeous beaches in Búzios, Ferradura beach, Insólito Boutique Hotel has a sustainable mixing with nature and a stylish beach, with themed rooms that submerges guests in Brazilian culture, decorated with design objects and landscaping and illumination by Anouk Barcat and Maneco Quinderé.

The spaces have been decorated by the owner, French business woman Emanuelle Meeus de Clermont-Tonnerre, as a symbol of her passion for Brazil. The rooms contain works of art and books about music, photography, literature, art, nature, history, architecture, fashion and black culture, displaying her cultural concern in the decor.

Accommodations at this hotel fall into four categories: Category Superior, Category Luxo, Category Master and Category Insólito Suite.
Category Superior has three rooms: Candomblé, Quilombo and Pau-Brasil .
The first room’s theme is the Afro-Brazilian culture Candomblé, with a white wooden bench with drawings by Erick Figueira de Mello and night tables of Dutch design and developed by workers from Brazilian low income communities.

Cushions of the Futton Company with slaves’ images to wool Debret are some of the African elements of the Quilombo room, besides craft lamp of Tiradentes and the bedside table Heidoven.

Pau-Brasil is decorated in homage to the opulence of Brazilian wood, with a panel from Velha Bahia, cushions from Tuta’s ateliê, sculptures by José Bento and a sofa-sculpture by Elma Chavez.

Category Luxo has five rooms: Outeiro da Glória, Oca, Arte Naïf, Moda and Borboleta.
The painting over tiles by Laura Taves was inspired by Outeiro da Glória and it symbolizes the presence of this technique in sacred Brazilian art. The work also gives reference to Adriana Varejão. The quilt makes the connection of the Portuguese journey to Brazil. The room contains an armchair from Velha Bahia, bench by George Nelson, clover shaped table and chair, both with thin base legs, from the 1950’s.

Indigenous feather headdresses appear in embroidered prints on the cushions from the Futton Company in the Oca room. The room has design objects, such as the bench by George Nelson and arm chair by Juliana Llussa, along with a photo by the ethnologist Claudia Andujar from the Vermelho Gallery.

The third room in Category Luxo is decorated in respect to Brazilian Art Naïf, contemporary primitive art produced by artists with no formal training, with paintings by artists of this genre. The lighting fixture is by Sergio Cezar and the Ecolog armchair, made from recycled wood are the highlights of the room.

Moda features croquets by Brazilian designers, catalogues of Brazilian brands and handcrafted lighting fixtures made with cans, arm chairs from the 1950’s and a Brastemp mini-bar with Gisele Nassar design.

Búzios is a natural reserve of butterflies, with more than 300 sorts, being the commonest to Captain of the Bush, black with wide list in blue, and the Owl, with the figure of an eye in the wings. They adore the Borboleta room and appear also in the fridge Gisele Nasser for Brastemp.

Category Master has two rooms: O Guarani and Fotografia e Literatura.
The Guarani is one of the operas by Antônio Carlos Gomes, a Brazilian composer. In four acts and with the libretto of Antônio Scalvini in Italian, it premiered at the Teatro Scala in Milan, Italy in 1870, becoming a great success. The opera was used as the theme song for the program “A Voz do Brasil.” It inspired the room fashioned after its name.

The images in Fotografia e Literatura were produced by children from the Mão na Lata group, from the community of Maré, under the guidance of Tatiana Altberg, with handcrafted cameras made of recycled cans. These works were published in print by Nova Fronteira.

Category Insólito Suite has one room, Orfeu da Conceição.
Orfeu da Conceição is a theatrical play written by Vinicius de Moraes in 1954 and is based on the Greek mythological drama, Orpheus and Eurydice, whose musical score was composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim, premiering at the Odeon in 1956. This work inspired the French director and writer, Marcel Camus, to film, in Rio, Orfeu Negro, awarded a Golden Palm in Cannes and an Oscar for best film. It is the inspiration for this room.

Insólito has a Wellness Center with accountable professionals whose services include: body and facial treatments, Insólito (extraordinary) moments, massages and Indian rituals to guarantee relaxation by the sea.
Insólito has two boats available for use by guests: The Rush boat and Dragos. Insólito also has a sweet water pool, a salt water pool, a dry sauna, a steam sauna, Jacuzzi and Ofurô. There are also three bicycles which are available for use by the guests.

Guests are invited to take a unique culinary trip, an opportunity to explore the flavors of the Franco-Brazilian fusion developed by their chef. You can savor fish, seafood and meat in an enchanting and refined setting with a stunning view of Ferradura Beach.

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