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P‘tit Habibi a House To Rent in Marrakech, Morocco

April 28, 2011 by

P‘tit Habibi is an exclusive Riad at the north end of the Marrakech Medina. Traditional artisan craft with contemporary design are blended beautifully within the space.
P’tit Habibi has the feel of a wonderfully designed private house. The house contains only 4 rooms, which makes it a most private and exclusive destination. It is perfect for a fantastic long weekend with friends.

The courtyard of the house is an ideal place to cool down during those warm summer days. It is a place where guests can enjoy breakfast, or any meal and watch cinema. The palace is covered in fine carpets, the beer is local and guests can enjoy tax free champagne.

P‘tit Habibi is home to four distinct rooms: Peruche, Wangarata, Love Nest and White Room.
Peruche is the p’tit chambre with the biggest vaulted bathroom. The room is expansively decorated with bird motives and shades of pink and aubergine. The glass blueprint of the entrance door fills the bedroom with Arabic morning sunlight.

The Wangarata suite is detailed in black and white completely. A fireplace and king size bed designed in Zellige are two highlights of this space. The room decoration ranges from Swedish moose, recycled Americana pinball mirrors and Moroccan photographic motifs from the early 1960s.

Love Nest has a large double bed under an arched niche. The room is ornamented in beige and purple with a large Zellige motif as a headboard.

The largest room in the Riad is The White Room. The space has a French balcony overlooking the courtyard. The room has a large private balcony with a b’hoo (covered outdoor snug), covered sitting areas with one side open to the balcony and courtyard.
All rooms have individual heating and air conditioning, all are also equipped with dressers and en-suite bathrooms. The staff is collectively fluent in Arabic, English and French as to accommodate many language speakers.

Tired of the hustle of the streets? Guests can stay in and choose from their collection of DVDs and create your private outdoor cinema paradise in the P’tit courtyard. The pizza or Marrakech burger from Beb Tar Zout can be delivered right to you. The house also has a limited bar with wine, champagne and beer.
If you’re looking for a cozy, intimate getaway, P‘tit Habibi may be just the place for you.

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