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Phantom Ranch a One of a Kind Grand Canyon Experience

August 24, 2015 by

Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch is a popular historic retreat located at the bottom of Grand Canyon. It is situated on the north side of the Colorado River nestled beside the ice cold Bright Angel Creek and has the distinction of being the only lodging available below the canyon rim.

Phantom Ranch Cabins

Built in 1920s

Back in the 1920s The National Park Service chose the Fred Harvey Company to build a tourist facility in the Grand Canyon. A woman by the name of Mary Jane Colter was commissioned to draw up the plans, and everyone was very pleased with her sketches.

When they announced plans to name it Roosevelt’s Chalets, she snatched up her drawings and said, “Not if you are going to be using my work,” because she already had a name – Phantom Ranch.

They agreed to her moniker, and today the facility offers dormitory accommodations at the lodge and cozy rustic wooden cabins equipped with AC and heat. It’s the perfect place to kick back and relax following a hike or mule ride to the bottom of the Canyon.

Hike to Phantom Ranch

Unique Location

Phantom Ranch is the only lodging available below the canyon rim and can only be reached by mule, on foot, or by rafting the Colorado River. This destination offers a natural setting unmatched in beauty.

While staying here, guests can take advantage of ranger talks, day hikes, a store selling food and supplies, and enjoy delicious meals including chocolate cake for desert.

Overnight Accommodations

Overnight accommodations at Phantom Ranch include dormitories and cabins which are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Dormitory spaces are only available to hikers and include 2 male dorms and 2 female dorms. Each is furnished with 5 bunk beds, a shower and restroom. Bedding and towels are provided.

Cabins vary in size and sleep between 2 to 10 people and are equipped with bedding, a cold-water sink, and soap and hand towels. Showers are available at a central location.

Hikers should be prepared to hike 7.3 miles down the South Kaibab Trail (3-4 hours on average) or 10.3 miles on the Bright Angel Trail (4-6 hour hike). If you plan to stay at Phantom Ranch, its best to make reservations in advance because space is limited.

Photo credits: naturespix

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