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Portugal’s Martinhal Beach Resort Baby Friendly

October 14, 2014 by

Martinhal beach resort

The five-star Martinhal Beach Resort and Hotel overlooks Martinhal Beach and is situated within a protected natural park near the historic town of Sagres, Portugal.

It makes a perfect vacation destination for new parents as its baby concierge allows guests to pre-book strollers, bottle sterilizers, cots, and even diapers before arrival.

They also offer a crèche for babies 6 months and older where one adult babysitter is assigned to mind every three children. It’s a perfect blend to create a family friendly vacation for families with young children.

Martinhal Beach Resort

Beach Room

Activities for Children

The Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel features other activities for kids of all ages:

Toddlers can enjoy Raposinhos where they can try things like face painting or taking part in an outdoor treasure hunt. They also have materials on hand to create simple arts and crafts they’ll be happy to show off to their proud parents.

Older children can take part in activities including T-Shirt printing and cookery classes as well as picnics held on the grounds. Older kids can also go to the Explorers and Adventure club and learn to windsurf or go dolphin watching.

Teenagers can relax in the Blue Room, a self-contained games room equipped with the latest video games, or they can team up with others and try their hand at classic pastimes like table tennis, pool or Foosball.

Martinhal Beach Resort


The Martinhal Beach Resort and Hotel features a 37 bedroom five star hotel and a selection of spacious single family houses in Martinhal Village which includes:

  • Ocean Houses
  • Bay Houses
  • Garden Houses
  • Pinewoods Houses

A number of stylishly designed villas are also available which enjoy daily maid service and plenty of room for families to relax.

Even the spa offers baby massage techniques, if you want to bring your little one along when you visit for your own treatment. For more information visit their official website.

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Why are the activities at resorts for teens always indoors? I have a pet peeve about that. They need to be outside more than anybody!

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