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Rent Alcatraz for the Night

August 12, 2012 by

Ever wanted to rent your own private island? If you said yes, you undoubtedly have palm trees and white sands in mind, not prison bars and inmate bunks. But for those who are up for an adventure, Alcatraz, the famed San Francisco prison, is now available to rent by the night.

Vayable, an experiential exchange service, is offering the public the opportunity to ferry out to the prison-turned-national park and spend the night sleeping in the D-Block. Once on the island, you’ll learn about Alcatraz’s history and do some small volunteer work, just likeĀ  prisoners did when the island functioned as a prison.

Then you’ll head to your home for the night, the D-Block, where the most dangerous prisoners were contained. You can choose from 36 segregation cells and 6 solitary confinement cells, then get comfy on your bunk outfitted with only a mattress.

Unlike the prisoners who were locked in here 24 hours a day, your door will remain open, but with the cold waters separating you from the city, the only way off the island is to wait for the ferry to come and get you in the morning.

The experience costs $600 for up to 20 people or $5,500 for up to 350 people. If you think the cost runs a bit high for a no-frills stay, remember that the money is going to the park service.

Want to book? Round up your least scaredy-cat friends and click over to Vayable to book.

photo credits: Vayable

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