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Resell Your Hotel Room with Cancelon

August 28, 2012 by


A newcomer to the travel booking industry is making waves with a website that allows travelers to resell their hotel rooms that they need to cancel in a secure, searchable, protected way.

Cancelon, which debuted in July, is the newest way for people to sell hotel accommodations that they no longer need. In the travel world, it’s not unusual for last minute changes to be made to plans, and vacationers are often left paying cancellation fees, or getting stuck paying for the room regardless of whether they end up staying at the hotel or not.

Cancelon capitalizes on the fact that it is legal for a traveler to transfer their reservation to someone else who will be taking their spot. Up until now, there just hasn’t been an organized and easy way to do this.

To use Cancelon, log on to the website and set up a listing for your hotel room reservation that you no longer need. You can set the price, making it lower than what you originally got the room for if you want to make the listing more enticing.

Then, wait for someone to either buy your room at the price you listed, or make an offer at a lower price. You can accept the offer, and then proceed with switching the room over and getting paid by the buyer.

Cancelon asks the seller to handle the name transfer with the hotel and get a new confirmation email sent to the buyer. However, if anything goes wrong with the switch, Cancelon will refund the buyer for the amount that they paid the seller for the room.

While the concept is fairly new, it seems like a lot of people are giving Cancelon a try. It’s a great way for sellers to recoup some of their money for a hotel room they no longer need, and an excellent way for buyers to find last-minute deals on hotels.

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    I wonder if this will start a new trend in “scalping” hotel rooms for higher than standard rates in situations where the hotel is fully booked up for a big event or busy season. Hope not. Just a thought.

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