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Rose Island Lighthouse

June 15, 2012 by

Tired of staying in cookie-cutter hotels when you travel? Looking for something a little bit more unique than a standard beach vacation rental? Visitors to Rhode Island now have the option to stay at the Rose Island Lighthouse when visiting the scenicĀ Narragansett Bay.

This working lighthouse was built in 1869 and sits just outside the town of Newport. Guests can choose to stay overnight in the keeper’s quarters on the first floor, or become an actual keeper of the lighthouse for a week and stay on the second floor quarters.

Although you’d most likely be visiting Newport orĀ Narragansett Bay on vacation, if you stay at the lighthouse as a keeper, you’ll be expected to work! Duties include raising and lowering the flag each day, listening to marine weather reports, greeting visitors to the lighthouse museum and even learning how to operate the wind-powered electric system.

After a brief orientation by by the full-time lighthouse staff, you’ll pretty much be given the reigns to act as official lighthouse keeper for the week of your stay.

Keeper duties only take a few hours a day though, and the rest of the time is left for visitors to explore the bay area. Newport is known for its laid-back lifestyle and water-centric activities. Charter a sailboat, take a stroll along the coast to view the opulent mansions ever-present in this area, tour a winery, visit art galleries or relax at a spa for the day.

Just make sure that you get back to the lighthouse in time to finish up your daily duties!

Photo source: Rose Island

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