Savoy Hotel in London on the River Thames

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Savory Hotel London

Savory Hotel London

The Savoy Hotel in London has a rich history dating all the way back to 1246. Not that today’s building dates back that far, however, that’s when Count Peter of Savoy built the Savoy Palace along the River Thames.

It later burned, but in 1889 the Savoy Hotel was built on the site to accommodate guests visiting London to see the Savoy Operas. Monet painted his famous views of The Thames between 1899 and 1901 from a balcony at the Savoy Hotel.

However, over the years renovations and refurbishments have changed the hotel, the most recent completed in 2010.

Savory Hotel foyer

Savory Hotel foyer

A Hotel of Firsts

With such a long and rich history, the Savoy Hotel in London is a hotel of “firsts.” The Savoy has the distinction of being the first luxury hotel in Britain. It was also the first to have electric elevators, air conditioning, room service around the clock, private baths, and hot and cold running water.

This iconic hotel has constantly upgraded in order to offer the latest in luxury accommodations for guests, and the most recent renovations have re-invented the hotel one more time with a blend of old-time glamour and new opulence.

Today, the hotel offers a selection of more than a dozen types of rooms and suites to choose from, including accommodations for guests with disabilities.


The Savoy in London offers a selection of more than a dozen types of rooms and suites, all known for their comfort and elegance.

Aesthetics of each room are a little different, with some of the rooms featuring original amenities such as fireplaces, and views of the River Thames or the city of London.

Savory Hotel River Thames

Savory Hotel on the River Thames

The Savoy Suite Welcome

Guests who choose to stay in a suite will enjoy “the Savoy Suite Welcome” which includes complimentary chauffeured car service, beverages from the in-room private bar, the pressing of one garment (per person), and wi-fi. Check the Savoy’s website for restrictions as well as any special offers.

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