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Sleep Aboard the Jumbo Hotel

October 8, 2013 by

Jumbo Hotel

Oscar Dios created the Jumbo Hotel from a decommissioned 747.

Entrepreneur Oscar Dios took advantage of two problems in the city of Alranda, Sweden and turned them into a unique stay aboard a hostel built from a decommissioned Boeing 747.

The plane was originally located on a non-working runway in Stockholm and today operates as the Jumbo Hotel.

Jumbo Hotel

Cockpit suite.

Jumbo Hotel in Alranda

The airport didn’t know what to do with the plane. Dios looked at the plane as an opportunity to help elevate the lack of available hotel rooms. When he first proposed the idea, people laughed, and it took some persuading of those in charge to convince them that his idea could actually work.

Once the project started, it took two years to transform the plane into a hotel with a modern interior and d├ęcor. It created an exciting hotel choice for aviation enthusiasts as well as travelers looking for a unique experience, and became a popular choice by those visiting the area.

Keeping with the airplane theme, a steward greets guests and provides them with an access card to their room. In all, the Jumbo Hotel features 27 rooms equipped with 2 bunk beds.

Rooms are small at only 6 square meters with 3 meters to the ceiling but people don’t seem to mind. The one exception is the 747 Suite which is located in the plane’s cockpit.

Plans are in the works to add 4 more rooms in the Jumbo’s engines.

Jumbo Hotel

The Jumbo Hotel sits at the entrance to Arlands on a concrete foundation with its landing gear secured in steel cradles. It provides a much-needed budget price alternative for visitors to the city and is constructed to the same codes for insulation and climate control as any home or hotel. Since it opened its doors, it has become a new landmark.

With the success of the Jumbo Hotel, Dios is looking to do the same thing in other cities around the world, but for now, those who want to sleep at the Jumbo Hotel will find it is a one-of-a-kind experience in Alranda, Stockholm.

Photo credits: shamengo2

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