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Stargazer’s Delight

June 17, 2013 by


Named one of the top 10 destinations for stargazing by Delta Airlines and Outside Magazine, Hotel Elqui Domos in Chile will leave you awestruck.

Located in the eastern mountains of Pisco Elqui, in Chile, this resort is over 400 km away from any major cities, leaving the skies unpolluted for miles. It’s quiet and romantic, perfect for a night, or a few, of gazing at the stars.

The hotel offers two types of rooms: the geodesic domes and the cabins. Both are outfitted to enhance your observation experience, with large glass windows over the bed (cabin), or a roll away window (dome) for the ultimate, relaxing view of the stars passing by.

Elqui Domos also has an observatory with 2 domes, each housing a telescope and digital cameras for observing the moon and the planets. For an additional fee, you can schedule an “Astronomic Tour,” and get a personalized guide of the skies and use of the telescopes, or the “Nighttime Horseback Tour,” for a ride through the dessert and a basic guide of the sky.

During the day, when the stars are in hiding, lounge poolside and soak up the breathtaking views of the Elqui Valley. Or you can relax in the common area and browse any of the multitudes of books on astrology, astronomy, and cosmology. Find yourself at the restaurant, in a large dome of course, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

High season is from December 1 – April 30 and low season from May 1 – November 30. Room rates cost $150, and $125/night, respectively.

Of course, a hotel in such a pristine setting wouldn’t be complete without massage, reiki, tarot readings, and guided meditation, and Hotel Elqui has them all.

Photo Source: Elqui Domos

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