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Stay at Yorkshire’s Crab Manor – a Country House Hotel

December 4, 2013 by

Crab Manor Yorkshire

Crab Manor Yorkshire

In a way, the Crab Manor in Yorkshire is unlike any other hotel. Yet in another way, it is like 17 different exotic locations rolled into one.

This eccentric country house hotel offers 17 rooms decorated with beautiful artifacts and antiques that make you feel as if you’ve been whisked off to the South Pacific or a variety of other exotic locations.

Crab Manor Gardens

Crab Manor gardens

The Crab Manor Experience

Upon arrival at the Crab Manor, a yeti greets guests on the stairs. Each room in the adjoining 18th century Georgian manor, tranquil thatched lodges, and Scandinavian log cabins offers a unique picturesque setting for your stay.

Villa Serbelloni

Villa Serbelloni


The accommodations available at Crab Manor enjoy access to a communal sauna and hot tub in the courtyard area. Because rooms are individually decorated, they each offer a unique assortment of private facilities.

No matter which room is chosen, guests can expect extras like free Wi-fi, iPod docking station, flat screen TVs, along with complementary canapés served evenings in the lounge. Guests also enjoy access to the stunning Crab Manor Gardens.

Here’s a snapshot of the varied and unique accommodations.

Bardola Lodge – Norway: This luxury log cabin room makes guests feel as if they’ve stepped into the great mountain moorland region of Hardangervidda which lies above the fjords of western Norway.

Bird Island – Seychelles: You’d never know this tropical beach house setting is located on the grounds of Crab Manor in North Yorkshire. Guests feel as if they’ve been transported Oceanside with a decked terrace equipped with hot tub and sauna.

The Bird Island suite is furnished with dark wood furniture and authentic tribal artifacts.

Burj Al Arab – Dubai: Feel like you’re staying at the Burj Al Arab Hotel with black and gold decor of this luxurious suite that feels as if it is located on the pure white sands of the Arabian sea.

Cipriani Palace – Venice: Feel as if you’re in the magical city of Venice and staying in the Cipriani Palace. Fall asleep in sumptuous luxury and dream of the meandering canals of Venice.

This is just a handful of the 17 rooms available at this unique hotel. For a full description of accommodations and other information, a brochure for the Crab Manor is available online.

Photo credits: crabandlobster

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