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Tarangire Safari Lodge

March 19, 2013 by

Tarangire Safari Lodge in Tanzania is located on a ridge, overlooking Tarangire National Park. It’s secluded by the purple flowering acacia trees and the well recognized baobab trees.

The Tarangire river, an attraction for African wildlife, runs through the park, just below the lookout point. You could spend a whole day here just gazing out at the park, watching for some of the 94 mammal species or 500 bird species in the park.

There are two types of accommodations here: a tent or a bungalow. The tents offer a unique experience with concrete floors, thatched roofs, and mesh windows. There is very little between you and the wildlife. The bungalows are round stone buildings with a shaded veranda overlooking the watering hole.

All the rooms offer a spectacular view of the park down below.

The park is open to all, including the wildlife. At night, the guards walk you back to your room with flashlights (and guns) just in case any lions or elephants decide they want to sleep in your bed. Occasionally, your wake up call comes from the baboons, but it’s usually just the Secretary birds.

They offer a breakfast buffet every morning of freshly baked breads, proteins, and fruits and vegetables that are grown on a farm at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The best part about breakfast is the Tanzanian coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls that greet your at your table.

After you fuel up with breakfast, your safari jeep awaits you at the main lobby to take you down into the valley in hopes of getting you a little bit closer to the 2500 elephants of the Tarangire.

Image Source: Tarangire Safari Lodge 

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