The Great Escape: Amangiri, Utah

May 31, 2012 by

Amangiri, translated as “peaceful mountain,” definitely lives up to its name. This luxury resort in the heart of Canyon Point, Utah is an oasis among the sandy colored mountains of the region.

Designed to blend into the landscape, the buildings of Amangiri resemble the natural surroundings while still offering 5-star amenities in the 34 suites and 28 luxury villas. Spread out over 2,000 acres in the wilderness of Utah, Amangiri is more of a retreat than a hotel.

Arriving to this resort is almost other-worldy, with a curving road dropping patrons off at the Pavilion in full view of the awe-inspiring pool and the wings of the hotel. Among the various buildings at the resort, guests will find a world-class spa, fitness center, water pavilion, yoga pavilion and salon.

But if being pampered isn’t the only thing you came for, there is no shortage of outdoor activities within steps of the hotel’s front door. Guests can hike Amangiri’s trail system, visit the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, or take a boating trip on Lake Powell or the Colorado River.

Amangiri stands as a breathtaking testament to what a true resort should be – secluded and peaceful, opulent yet accessible.


Photo source: Aman Resorts

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